Spanish lessons

Thank you for visiting my webpage. My name is Victoria Correa. I’ve been teaching english for a long time, but I’ve also enjoyed teaching spanish to foreigners that come to Chile! Including people from England, Scotland, Brazil, the United States, South Africa and Italy.

One of the main advantages of having private Spanish lessons is the opportunity to personalise the content and pace the lessons based on the level and interests of each student. In my experience, this motivates people and creates an excellent atmosphere.

If you already have some knowledge of spanish, the methodology that works best is to focus on conversation. It’s more fun and provides a great opportunity to learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Of course, this can be coupled with exercises related to the topics of each lessons. I also use the TEFL methodology -in which I’m a certified teacher- that is based in three important phases: Engage (enthusiasm), Study (learning) y Activate (practice!).

We can do the lessons in your office -within working hours- in your home, or even on Skype!

If you’re interested in learning Spanish, send me an email! (


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